Resource IO Provides Hardware and Software Systems That Remotely Monitor and Manage High-Value Equipment.

Resource IO emerged when they received a request to help ensure high quality and continuous power service for the 2008 PGA Championship in Detroit. They were tasked with providing a monitoring system for the power generators for the PGA tournament, where they needed an efficient way to remotely monitor detailed generator operating status. 

With the ablility to monitor more than 70 different status parameters, The RIO Monitoring System debuted at the PGA Tour and performed flawlessly. During the tour, it was used to carefully monitor the health of their generators and pre-emptively address abnormalities before the issues became problems and generators failed.

Today, with customers in several states, including South Carolina and Tennessee, Resource IO is dedicated to bringing high-quality, full-featured, easily-customizable and reliable tools to companies that need to monitor and manage critical equipment resources.